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This page provides information about Care, Assembly, and Construction of our Ipe wood outdoor furniture.

How to Care for Ipe Furniture
ur Ipe wood outdoor furniture comes in a natural finish, with a light coat of linseed oil applied at the factory. No stain has been applied to our Ipe furniture. Maintenance requirements are minimal and vary depending on where your Ipe furniture is placed.

For Ipe furniture that receives full exposure to the elements, you can let the wood weather naturally or you can occasionally apply an oil finish (as described below). For Ipe furniture placed in a covered or shaded location, oiling is rarely needed. Wood sealants or varnish should not be used on Ipe furniture.

Our durable Ipe wood furniture can be left outdoors in the sun, rain and snow. Over time, the UV rays in sunlight will mellow the natural dark brown color of Ipe wood into a handsome pewter gray. Even if the color fades, the structural integrity of this long-lasting Ipe furniture remains strong and sturdy. Water damage, bugs or wood rot will NEVER be a problem with your Ipe furniture. If your furniture is left outdoors, an occasional oiling will help preserve the natural color of the wood from the fading effects of the sun.

Basic oiling consists of applying linseed oil 2 - 3 times a year. Linseed oil is inexpensive and is available at any hardware store. Simply wipe linseed oil on your Ipe furniture with a rag, and wipe off any excess after 30 minutes. Instead of linseed oil, you may wish to use one of the many premium wood oils that are available.

It is best to let your Ipe furniture weather for 30 - 60 days before the initial oiling so that the oil can better penetrate the dense wood.

In some cases your Ipe furniture may need to be cleaned, such as if tree sap drips on the furniture or if mildew develops. Use a stiff brush and soapy water followed by a rinse with the hose, or you may use a standard wood cleaning product such as tri-sodium phosphate. The natural wood coloring can be refreshed in heavily weathered Ipe furniture with thorough sanding followed by an application of oil.

Like all woods, Ipe will exhibit some checking, or small surface cracks, as a result of exposure to the temperatures and elements. These surface cracks do not affect the structural integrity of the wood. Checking is minimal in Ipe, another reason for its popularity as a decking wood. Ipe wood has exceptional physical properties and provides superior performance for outdoor use.

Ipe Furniture Assembly
On each of our product pages, the information listed at the bottom of the page indicates whether the piece requires partial assembly or no assembly. Products that require partial assembly come as a kit and the majority of the piece has been factory assembled. Assembly instructions are included in every package. Assembly time is approximately 15 to 30 minutes per piece.

If the furniture piece has dowels, you may wish to glue them during your assembly, but it is not required and the instructions do not specify gluing. When gluing is desired, we recommend an outdoor wood glue such as Titebond or Gorilla Glue. Please allow glue to set at least 6 hours before using the piece.

Furniture Construction
Our furniture is made from 100% solid Ipe wood. The wood has been kiln dried and is premium grade, meaning it has an even colorationand no knots. The main structural joints of our furniture use sturdy mortise and tenon construction.